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AIHT 2016 takes place at the 14th and 15th of May 2016

IMG_4907Who knows Mrs. Bonsen, knows our club. Who knows our club, knows Mrs. Bonsen. Rie Bonsen is the figurehead of VOC Amsterdam. Started as a player, referee, member of board and now over 55 years as volunteer at her club! Indestructible she is concerned with her club in both good and bad times ! The whole heart of Rie Bonsen beats for the club. Not only she attends the topmatches of our first team: also she visits frequently the youth matches and tournaments ! The AIHT tournament is dedicated to Rie Bonsen. The winners go home with the Rie Bonsen Trophy! AIHT Logo new It is a tradition that at pentacostal weekend VOC Amsterdam organizes an tournament for talented teams and players. Until five years ago this tournament was called the Rie Bonsen tournament. The best Dutch youth teams participated at this tournament divided in three age categories. Five years ago the tradition of the tournament changed: nowadays it is an international toernament for teams and talents from home and abroad ! It is the combination of ambition, talent, persistance, and health that helps reaching the top. These kind of teams are invited by the organization to compete for an trophy named after a woman with a perseverance and indestructible health! Since 2010 the tournament is officially known as

AIHT – Amsterdam International Handball Tournament

where one will compete for the Rie Bonsen Trophy. The last four years the tournament was a huge success and this success grows year by year. With perseverance, ambition and (organizational) talent we will at least try to match last year’s success. At the AIHT 2016 the following categories will compete:

  • A-Youth: year of birth 1997 and younger
  • B-Youth: year of birth 1999 and younger
  • C-Youth: year of birth 2001 and younger

To quarantee the high level of the Amsterdam International Handball Tournament, the tournament does not have an open subscription but teams are being monitored and invited by the tournament organisation.